I am self hosted and when I decide to make that change I knew I would have a little to pay out each year in order to stay that way. In my first year I decided to host with a well known company that was recommended to me and they offered me a discount for my first year. I only paid around £50 and they did the full switch over for me from free hosting to self hosted.

1 year later my renewal came through and it was a staggering £148 to renew for another year. I knew the price would go up but I didn’t realise it would be that much. I asked if a discount could be offered but I got a very blunt response with a flat NO!. …So I took to Twitter and asked for anybody who knew if a self-hosting site that could help me that weren’t going to charge me the Earth.

Along came Speedy Dot. They replied to my tweet so quickly and offered to help. We started chatting through Direct messages on Twitter and they were so friendly and willing to help.

For those of you who don’t know, SpeedyDot are a company that offer cloud hosting. Cloud hosting uses virtual resources on several serves to accommodate different aspects of your website, however some of the information is stored on physical serves, which allows them to offer hosting at a lower price. This is still a very secure way of storing your website data.

As a new customer I got my first month free. I was the offered their basic plan of £3.99 per month after that. As my blog is small and I do not need to host multiple sites this was perfect for me. There are no hidden fees either. The plans are fully laid out on their website.

There is a charge to transfer your domain name but the charge is less than £10.00, which is a very reasonable price to pay for a transfer.

The staff I dealt with were polite an always available to help. They offered to transfer my site over to them at no extra cost. They also transferred my email address too. When it comes this kind of technical thing I am no good so it was super helpful that they offered this service.

SpeedyDot are not as well known as some of the other companies out there but I felt that they needed to be recognised more. I have been up and running with them for about a month now and so far so good. I got a message a few days after the switch was done just asking if everything was running okay, which I think was a very nice touch. Just because a company is well known doesn’t mean they offer the best service or best deals.

I will leave a link to their Twitter below in case you want to contact them yourselves and check them out:

Speedy Dot Twitter

** All opinions are my own and are honest opinions based on personal experience**

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