Can I Get a Woo Woo??

So I have not done this kind of thing for a while so bare with me whilst I get my feet again with the whole blogging malarkey :).. but I am back blogging again and I will be honest, it does feel very strange to sit down at my new desk and write.
I am back doing reviews, however , I will be incorporating more beauty and makeup related content on to my blog. So here I am with my first review.
Now I am a stickler for only using brands I have heard of when it comes to intimate self care products. So when I got the email asking if I wanted to review these products I was honestly a bit dubious about venturing out in to a using a brand I didn’t know, however, I am all about trying new things lately so why not try some new products??
Woo Woo is a brand that wanted to provide products that made women feel confident inside and out. Their aim is to offer a range of products that will make women feel more comfortable in the skin and break the taboo of talking about feminine hygiene.

I was kindly gifted the Woo Woo wipes and the Woo Woo Tame It gel to try out. I have honestly never used any kind of fraganced wipes as I was always told that fragrance can mess with your PH balance and I am not about that thrush life but these are PH balanced wipes.
I received the Cranberry and Aloe Vera wipes and i can honestly say I think I have been converted. It may sound strange but they really do make everything feel more fresh and clean. The scent is not too overpowering and they do make you feel fresh. I will definitely be going out and purchasing myself some of these in different scents. I was left feeling fresh and clean and the best bit is that they don’t affect you PH balance. You can use these without any worries whatsoever.

You ladies will understand how crappy and groggy you can feel when it’s that time of the month but I honestly felt that I using these wipes helped me feel more refreshed and who doesn’t want that?!
The in shower hair removal cream is good but I will say it does have a very strong smell, which I am not a fan a of if I am being completely honest. It does work very well and unlike some other creams I have used it leaves the skin feeling soft. I have sensitive skin and I didn’t have any problems with this. I would recommend if you are looking for a more natural hair removal cream.

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What are your thoughts on being more open about discussing fem care and fem care products?

Until next time. Be Kind , be Happy and Stay True to You!


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