Today is the day….

Wow.. So… The last time I travelled any kind of distance by myself was in 2017 when I went to London for BlogCon.

Since then I have lived as a hermit (standard for me) very rarely left. The house for anything other than going to work, seeing my best friend twice a week and going to see my family. So when my friend invited me to Lincoln for her birthday I was glad. She
invited me and immediately said yes, however, the niggling anxiety demon reared its ugly head.

The days and weeks passed from when she had invited me and we. Started planning it all. I booked time off work, planned outfits, booked day off slimming world on my 12 week course and I was ready.

What I haven’t mentioned is that there will be 10 of us meeting up. For Sophie’s birthday bash. We are all staying at her house and despite being excited about finally meeting a group of women I get along with so well.. We have never met before in person.. Yep.. The bunch of beauts I’m meeting have only been online friends until now. ( If travelling alone wasn’t scary enough)

Finally we are here… Today is the day that I get to meet the beauts I’ve been spending hours on video call chatting with and doing makeups (yes that’s a thing.. Lol) Lincoln here I come… I’m absolutely crapping my pants but I’m so excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and spend the weekend with some amazing women.

Wish me luck. X

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