Pandemic update: The rules change again!

Well I didn’t expect this to be my first post back after my extended break but here we are. Just as we thought everything was starting to get back to some kind of normality we are hit with another set of restrictions.

Friday 31st July, I was looking forward to finally getting to see my family for the weekend. A notification popped up on my phone with an update from my BBC News app. What I read just made me feel confused and angry. It had been announced that in the North of England lockdown restrictions were being tightened again. You can no longer mix households due to a spike in Corona virus cases, however it was still okay for you to go to restaurants, pubs and shops.

New restrictions

The new rules impact people that live in the Greater Manchester area, East Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire.

Lockdown map
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Now I know that they claim to have done this to try and protect the public, however, it all seems a bit suspect. Can someone explain to me how it is okay to go to restaurants and pubs but you can’t go to see your family. People keep telling me that we have to social distance in public but I haven’t seen social distancing in pubs, restaurants i’ve walked past. They have banned mixing households in pubs and restaurants but you can still go to these places. How are they going to enforce this?

A Silver Lining

They say every cloud has a silver lining and for people like me that live alone, we can still have a support bubble. What is a support bubble you ask? It is where you effectively become one household. This means that you can visit, and stay the night at the home of whoever chose to be in your support bubble. Make sure you choose your support bubble wisely as it cannot be changed. This may not seem like a lot but it means you don’t have to be alone.

Many of us have access to computers and smart phones. We can communicate through calls, texts and video calls. I appreciate that it isn’t the same as seeing them in person but it is a great way to communicate. If you can’t see your family in person then texts and calls are the next best thing.

Fortunately I have been able to work during the pandemic , which has kept me busy. I have also got back in to my crafts. Cross stitching, drawing, diamond painting are things just some of the things I have enjoyed getting back in to.

Our Future

Corona virus isn’t going away anytime soon. Life probably won’t ever go back to how it was and it seems wearing masks and social distancing is the new normal. Unfortunately it seems as though a second wave is more likely to happen. As much as the lack of organisation and communication is frustrating I’ll still follow the guidelines that have been set. No doubt there will be a lot more changes to come.

So what have you guys been doing during this pandemic? How have you found the lockdown and constant changing guidelines? I hope you are all keeping well.

Until next time , be kind , be happy and stay true to you!


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