Little Mix: The Search Episode 1

Who needs more singing talent shows you ask? Well I do! Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy X-factor and Britain’s Got Talent. We all enjoy those clips of the people the fail spectacularly, make us cringe, laugh, and die of embarrassment as wells as the amazing performers. But we don’t have many talent shows that show case good singers without the gimmicks, other than The Voice.

Then Little Mix come along with, what I feel is a great new concept. A group that has made a name for themselves all over then world over the last 9 years has decided to pick a group to support them on their next tour. This will be a huge start for whichever group wins and will hopefully provide us with a modern group that this generation is lacking.

How the show works.

So how does the show work and how is it different to the typical singing talent show?

The first stage auditions were held off screen. Budding singers sent in videos of them singing and the girls whittled them down to the best ones that they wanted to see audition face to face.

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Next up is the face to face auditions. We get to see each contestant in the Last Look Room before they audition in front of Little Mix. Three of them need to say yes in order for the contestant to go through to The Band Room.

Those ten that are selected to go through to The Band Room are then mentored by Little Mix in the hopes. Of getting through to the final Concert Audition.

The final band line up will consist of four or five people that will go through to the live shows.

The Categories

The girls are looking for six groups: A Boy Band, A Girl Dance Group, A Girl Vocal Group, A Mixed Group, A Vocal & Instrument Group and A Rap R&B Group.

Episode 1: The Boyband

Episode 1 was kicked off with the boyband selection and it did not disappoint. I thought the final ten were a good bunch but you could see that there was more of a focus on a few of the boys.

On a positive note it is always good to get to know a bit about the contestants. All the boys were cheeky chaps and seemed to have the ‘vibe’ Little Mix are looking for in a modern boyband, however, it was pretty obvious that there were a few of them that were not going to get through due to the lack of airtime.

The final boyband lineup

Elliot:cheeky chappy from Oldham

When it came to the final decision, five were selected to be part of the boyband. One surprise for me was Talis. Although he is really talented, from the clips shown his voice didn’t seem to fit with the other members (but I know nothing about music) . I was gutted to see that Elliot (Picture above) wasn’t chosen. Maybe I am a bit biased because he is a fellow northerner but I wanted to see him succeed but he definitely made an impression. That being said the boyband is definitely a strong group.

Final Five: Adam , Talis, Lee, Kaci, Zeekay

Despite Elliot not being in the final five, all of the boys chosen are really talented and seemed to get on well with each other, which is a huge part of being in a group. There is no point being really talented if you can’t get on with the other members of the group.

Adam is the cool pop boyband charmer of the group, while Kaci and Zeekay bring the R&B swag as they both sing and rap. Lee brings the Indie Pop, Tom Walker, James Arthur vibes, which I think gives the boyband a more contemporary feel. Talis is a powerhouse. From his audition you could see that he will be the one to hit those long strong powerful notes in the songs that we all love to try and hit. Don’t pretend you don’t because we all do it.

I enjoyed the first episode and I am looking forward to seeing how the other groups are out together and who will be a part of the final line up.

Have you seen the. Show or do you plan on watching it? What are your thoughts?

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