Little Mix: The Search Episode 2 – Mixed Group

I find myself looking forward to relaxing on an evening and watching this show because it really does have a totally different vibe to other talent shows. Although you know the contestants are being judged it does feel a lot less formal and mean. The feedback given is constructive.

Personally, I feel mixed band groups are probably the hardest to put together. Not only have you got to see chemistry between the members but you have to have vocals that compliment each other in a band, which i think would be more difficult to find when matching males and females together. Maybe I’m wrong.  But hey ho there is my opinion.

The Contestants

As expected we saw some amazing voices but not all of them would fit well within a band. For the most part I agreed with the decisions made by Little Mix. Some of the vocals didn’t really match the people they’d already put through, and a few just seemed to have weaker voices that maybe would have got lost a bit in a group.

One person that didn’t get through that really tugged on the old heart strings was Promise.

Promise: little Mix: The Search

Promise was a 25 year old  husband and a father who had a really good performance. He was energetic, fun, he rapped and just had an overal great stage presence. Jade and Perry felt that the vocals weren’t there so said no. I really did feel for him because I felt. Maybe his vocals could have been worked on and they lost out on a great addition to a mixed group.

The Rehearsals

During the rehearsal stage it was evident that some of the contestants didn’t really fit well together. Not sure if this was down to the way it was edited though.

I was so sad to see Janethan go at this point because in the brief clip of his audition that I heard I just loved the tone of his voice.

The Concert Audition

For the final. Stage the group sang Cake by the Ocean by DNCE and they did not disappoint. Watching them all together was great and if it were down to me I would have put them all through( good job it wasn’t) . They sang, danced and performed their hearts out. You could just see that they all had fun on stage and they smashed it.

Concert Audition:  from. Left to right:Billy&Louie, Rosie, Jordan, Melinda, Liam and Arun

The Final Line up

After the crazy and amazing performance the girls decided that four people would make up the mixed group. They are Melina, Rosie, Liam and Jordan.

As soon as the four were put together in th rehearsals you could just see that they clicked. The other boys were all talented but even in the final Concert stage it was pretty clear that these four would be good together. My only change would have been to add Arun as a third boy. I loved his vocals (although he did riff a bit too much). I suppose it may have created a different look to the group aesthetically but I think his vocals were brilliant.

Melinda, Rosie, Jordan and Liam

Melina has that saucy voice that also has a bit of a country twang. Rosie has a Janet Devlinesque quirky, solf folk style. Jordan brings the R&B soul with a great falsetto and Liam has that gritty indie voice that I cant help but love.

I think the final four look good together and from the short clips we saw in the episode the chemistry is there. The issue now is that when it comes to the live shows, because the groups are all so talented it will be awful to see them eliminated from the competition. Both band we have already seem have great potential.

Now we can’t wrap up episode 2 without mentioning Billy and Louie. Although they didn’t get in to the band these boys were just absolute stars. The boys were brilliant in the group but I also think that the two would smash it as a duo.

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