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The Premise

Secret Society is a paranormal romance that follows the story of a young wolf shape shifter who is the Alpha of a local wolf pack. They are part of a secret society that coexist alongside humans. Blaise is a strong warrior, however, at night she is haunted by nightmares of her families death. She was shunned by them for being different but she felt guilty that they were killed and she was left alive. Although she has a pack Blaise is quite a solitary person and doesn’t open up to anybody.

There are some that think that Alphas should be males, which means Blaise has a lot to prove. The Council are sexist and old fashioned and don’t believe Blaise should be an Alpha. They watch her every move and are quick to pull her up when she makes a mistake. When one of her pack betrays her, it marks the beginning of the fight to save the rest of her pack. An Alpha from a rival pack turns up wanting to take over Blaise’s territory. Jackson is a vicious wolf, hungry for power and will do anything to get it.

What I Liked

The story was written in the first person and had a good pace. Hannah’s writing draws the reader in and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Blaise is very protective of those close to her and clearly cares about herfriends but finds it difficult to express this. She is the Alpha and feels like she has to be the strong one.

Kayle is a fallen angel and Blaise’s mate. He is fiercely protective of Blaise and very secretive. The dynamic between Kayle and Blaise is interesting. They want to protect each other but they are also keep secrets from each other and are quite volatile at times.

Vlad was probably my favourite character. He is witty, intelligent and very charasmatic hybreed. A hybreed is different to a hybrid. Vlad used to be human but was bitten by a vampire. Before fully transforming he was then bitten by a wolf, hense the name Hybreed If blaise didn’t have kayle I think that Vlad would have been great for her. It was clear that he had a soft spot for her and was very protective of her. In fact when they met he was protecting her from hunters. He has his own demons and dramas that are unveiled as the story progresses.

Even though it was only brief, we were introduced to different species. In this world we have mermaids, wolves, vampires, pyros, witches, demons, ghosts, hybrids, hybreeds and more.

Overall thoughts

There’s alot about the book that I enjoyed, however, at times I found it difficult to like Blaise. She is a strong character, but she came across as quite cold and harsh at times. Blaise is a different breed of shapeshifter. She can also change in to a bird, and can read minds. it is never explained how she came to be what she is when her family are jus wolves. The story is missing that bit of depth. You’re left wondering how she became a hybrid shape shifter. Despite this, I would read secret society again and I would recommend it.

Overall I give Secret Society a 4* rating.

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