Bookish Review: Fable by Adrienne Young

The Story

Today I bring you a bookish review of Fable by Adrienne Young. Fable is a seventeen year old girl, who was abandoned by her father four years prior to us meeting her. She was left alone, on the Island of Jevalis, after her mother died when their boat sank. Jevalis is full of dredgers and thieves and she has nobody in her life that she can trust. She spends her days diving for Pyre that she sells to traders on the docks in exchange for copper.

For the past few years Fable has been trading with the helmsman of The Marigold, a young man by the name of West. She has been saving the copper she receives from trades in order to buy her passage off Jeval. The story truly begins when she buys passage off Jeval so she can see her dad again.

Fable by Adrienne Young

What I liked

Well there are many things that I liked. In fact, there was nothing about Fable that I didn’t like other than the fact that it had to end. Fable is only seventeen but has endured a lot in her short life. She lost her mum at a young age and was abandoned by her father, left to fend for herself at a time when she needed support. Having spent four years dredging for pyre and gemstones and trading them for copper, she finally had enough to buy passage off Jeval to be with her father. Clearly she is strong, determined, focused and very capable but there is something mising in her life that she hopes to find from her father.

The crew we meet on The Marigold are a secretive bunch, but even from the start I liked them. They were wary of Fable because being a liar and a thief was more common than finding someone who is loyal and trustworthy.


Saint is not a character I like but in some strange way I can understand why he did what he did and why he is the way he is. As the story unfolds you find out little bits about his past but there is still a lot we have to find out.

Willa is a feisty young woman but it’s clear she has a good heart. Hamish is very straight laced and practical but we all need a friend like that dont we?

I have a soft spot for Paj and Auster. They’re relationship is just so pure. Auster is probably one of my favourite characters.

Finally we have West. The chemistry between him and Fable is obvious from the beginning (well to me anyway) but even when he opens up i was left with a feeling that he’s still hiding something from Fable. I want to like him.. But something is just putting me off.

The relationships that are formed seem natural, not forced for the sake of the story if that makes sense? I was taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It made me question everything and every one but i enjoyed every minute.

Final Thoughts

I love Adrienne’s style of writing. It is hard to explain but she has the ability to grab you and keep you hooked from the first page. I read the book in one sitting and the cliff hanger just makes me more excited to read the next one. Namesake is due to be realeased March 16th 2021. Adrienne’s other books have been added to my wish list and I can’t wait to read more of her work.

Fable gets 5 Stars from me! 100% recommend. You will not regret it.

Fable can be purchased from Book Depository, Amazon and Waterstones.

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