Untitled Poem

I wrote this back inNovember 2016. It was written when i was feeling very raw and is still an untitled poem. It’s more like a stream of consciousness that makes very little sense but it helped to write it down.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

The Darkness has fallen. 

Suddenly I awake from my slumber and my dreams are a distant memory.

Wide awake, ideas buzzing around my mind like bees in a hive. No way can i sleep untill they are freed.

I open my journal and begin to write….

Mid sentence * Have I brushed my teeth? Did I turn the lights off? Have I turned the radiator off in the livingroom* 

I tell myselfI have but the miggling thoughts are still there.

*I have to get up and check*

I throw on my dressing gown, flick on the light switches and check..  * I knew I had, why did i have to check?*

I climb back in to bed and turn to switch the light off 

*Damn it, if i turn the light off with this switch the other two switches will be the opposite way*

*forget it..it will be fine*

…but it isn’t…

I try to close my eyes and drift off but it taunts me. I can’t leave it like that.

I get up again and faff about with the switches until the are all the same way.  On, off, on, off. It’s like a disco in my room. 

Finally I can get back in to bed. I start to drift off, back in to a dream land I go.

*Ha ha ha, no, no, no* a voice whispers. A brick wall appears and I hit it full force. I am awake again. 

*Did i set my alarm? Is the time on my phone right?*

I have to make sure. I grab my phone from my bedside table and make sure my phone is showing the correct time and my alarm is set.

*Is that everything?…. Yes*

I hear the hum of traffic outside and the cackling laughter of all the drunk students.. I feel tired again..calm. 

I pull my blanket over me, wrap myself up like a caterpillar in a chrysalis and float off on a cloud back to a dream land for a few hours, where nothing is real and everything is possible.


Feature Photo by Tim Grundtner from Pexels

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