Charlotte Tibury.. cruelty Free Secret?

So here we are in 2020. There seems to be more consumers than ever becoming more conscious about using cruelty free products. In the past few years I have seen so many influencers and friends move forward and make more of a conscious effort to purchase cruelty free products. So you can imagine my shockContinue reading “Charlotte Tibury.. cruelty Free Secret?”

Can I Get a Woo Woo??

So I have not done this kind of thing for a while so bare with me whilst I get my feet again with the whole blogging malarkey :).. but I am back blogging again and I will be honest, it does feel very strange to sit down at my new desk and write. I amContinue reading “Can I Get a Woo Woo??”

2019.. The year of changes?

Wow.. So.. Looking back at my last posts is so strange! I have been offline and out of the blogging community for a good while. There are a number of reasons for this, and they also link in with some of the changes that are coming for my vlog over the next year. One ofContinue reading “2019.. The year of changes?”

50% off Summer sale at Revolution Beauty. Extra discount until 30th June

Hey Hey guys. As part of the changes I am making to my blog I will be doing regular promotion posts for Revolution Beauty to show you the new product releases and letting you know of any discounts that will be available. You can also use code WHDGY1 to save 5% on orders over £40  New-InContinue reading “50% off Summer sale at Revolution Beauty. Extra discount until 30th June”

Changes to the blog!… Exciting times!

Hey Guys… This is just a quick update for new things coming on the blog!. I will still be doing reviews, Blog Tours and Cover Reveals, however, I want to do more beauty related posts.  I have been MIA for a while and only posting sporadically but there will also be a change to myContinue reading “Changes to the blog!… Exciting times!”

Love Me Beauty & Phase Zero.. What happened??

For those of you who don’t know, Love Me Beauty used to be a monthly subscription service. The monthly amount that you paid entitled you to 60 credits to use in their monthly edit.If you wanted a rolling month on month subscription it was £13.95 including P&P ( I believe, correct me if I amContinue reading “Love Me Beauty & Phase Zero.. What happened??”

July: latest In Beauty

*First things first, the oh so annoying disclaimer. This post is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this post are my own. some links are affiliate links, which means I do get a small commission if you choose to make a purchase :)* Now that the boring stuff is out of the way letsContinue reading “July: latest In Beauty”

HIT or MISS for the High end products??

So lately I have been a bit of a bad blogger and I haven’t been posting much at all, however I have still been testing out new products, reading books , watching shows and films etc, so I will be writing up all my reviews and posting them over the next few weeks. I don’tContinue reading “HIT or MISS for the High end products??”

I Put Charcoal On My Teeth???

 I love trying out new products .. especially if it can help improve my health in some way. Teeth whitening is the in thing at the moment. There are so many different companies out there offering different ways to whiten your teeth without the huge expense but there is always the worry that these cheaperContinue reading “I Put Charcoal On My Teeth???”

REVIEW: Color Club Nail Polish

Now don’t get me wrong I do love my Barry M nail varnish but I have found that it doesn’t work so well in false nails . It always needs more than one coat, it doesn’t really paint on well and it always looks.. ridgy. I have been looking at online tutorials etc for soContinue reading “REVIEW: Color Club Nail Polish”