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Charlotte Tibury.. cruelty Free Secret?

So here we are in 2020. There seems to be more consumers than ever becoming more conscious about using cruelty free products. In the past few years I have seen so many influencers and friends move forward and make more of a conscious effort to purchase cruelty free products.

So you can imagine my shock when I saw that Charlotte Tilbury are no longer free. This is a huge step for any brand and I personally am very disappointed that the brand has decided to make this move.

So what does being cruelty free mean? Well the definition of cruelty free is a discussion in itself. I will leave some resources below that explain things a lot better than I ever could but the basic answer is that a brand is cruelty free if it doesn’t test on animals.

Ethical elephant chart:

Logical Harmony video:

List of cruelty free companies:

Back in 2017 NARS changed their cruelty free status as they decided to sell in mainland China and now Charlotte Tilbury has done the same.

Cruelty free kitty has recently released an article about a loop hole that Charlotte Tilbury have been using over the past year in order to try and keep their cruelty free status(linked below). While claiming they are still cruelty free they have feeling selling their products in China but have done it in, what I believe to be a quite deceptive manner. Basically they’ve been selling to China but only online, which means the products would not need to be tested on animals, However, they do hold inventory in Little B Stores in mainland China. In the stores they let customers try the makeup and they even have people that apply the products to customers faces. If anybody were to have a reaction and raise a complaint about the products they would be tested on animals, in post market testing, which would mean that the brand isn’t cruelty free. Full details are provided in the article by Cruelty Free Kitty

Cruelty free kitty Charlotte Tilbury article:

I can fully understand why brands would want to sell to China. There will be a huge market for makeup and an opportunity to grow the business and make more profit. You can see how it could be a good business move… but is it worth it? Finding loop holes to sell in China. Risking losing their cruelty free status and potentially loyal customers that respected the brand? Are these brands that money focused now? What do you think?

Is being cruelty free important to you and why? Let’s have a discussion

As always.. be kind, be happy and stay true to you


Can I Get a Woo Woo??

So I have not done this kind of thing for a while so bare with me whilst I get my feet again with the whole blogging malarkey :).. but I am back blogging again and I will be honest, it does feel very strange to sit down at my new desk and write.
I am back doing reviews, however , I will be incorporating more beauty and makeup related content on to my blog. So here I am with my first review.
Now I am a stickler for only using brands I have heard of when it comes to intimate self care products. So when I got the email asking if I wanted to review these products I was honestly a bit dubious about venturing out in to a using a brand I didn’t know, however, I am all about trying new things lately so why not try some new products??
Woo Woo is a brand that wanted to provide products that made women feel confident inside and out. Their aim is to offer a range of products that will make women feel more comfortable in the skin and break the taboo of talking about feminine hygiene.

I was kindly gifted the Woo Woo wipes and the Woo Woo Tame It gel to try out. I have honestly never used any kind of fraganced wipes as I was always told that fragrance can mess with your PH balance and I am not about that thrush life but these are PH balanced wipes.
I received the Cranberry and Aloe Vera wipes and i can honestly say I think I have been converted. It may sound strange but they really do make everything feel more fresh and clean. The scent is not too overpowering and they do make you feel fresh. I will definitely be going out and purchasing myself some of these in different scents. I was left feeling fresh and clean and the best bit is that they don’t affect you PH balance. You can use these without any worries whatsoever.

You ladies will understand how crappy and groggy you can feel when it’s that time of the month but I honestly felt that I using these wipes helped me feel more refreshed and who doesn’t want that?!
The in shower hair removal cream is good but I will say it does have a very strong smell, which I am not a fan a of if I am being completely honest. It does work very well and unlike some other creams I have used it leaves the skin feeling soft. I have sensitive skin and I didn’t have any problems with this. I would recommend if you are looking for a more natural hair removal cream.


Win Woo Woo Sooth It & Tame It #11

If you want to be in with a chance to win one of the products enter the giveaway using the link above.

What are your thoughts on being more open about discussing fem care and fem care products?

Until next time. Be Kind , be Happy and Stay True to You!


2019.. The year of changes?

Wow.. So.. Looking back at my last posts is so strange! I have been offline and out of the blogging community for a good while. There are a number of reasons for this, and they also link in with some of the changes that are coming for my vlog over the next year.
One of the things I struggled with was my time management. This was heavily affected by my mental health struggles and I just lost all motivation and creativity.
Another reason I took a step back is because I was struggling to find where I fit in. I love beauty and makeup, but I also loved books,. Films and TV. Doing reviews on what I had read and seen was something I really enjoyed, however, it did feel strange putting everything all on one blog…. But on the other hand.. My following wasn’t really bug enough to split them…. I hit a wall…do I write about beauty? Mental health? Reviews? Can they all fit on one blog or would I have to sacrifice.writing about one of the things I enjoyed.
I qualified as a Makeup Artist at the end of 2017 but I felt like I still wasn’t good enough to compete in the world of beauty.. Especially when I’m also a plus size lady. I am still not 100% confident in myself so at the moment i just do makeup lives, YouTube Videos and Pictures for Instagram.

So for 2019 my aims are:

  • Practice more self care ( using headspace )
  • Focus more on spending my spare time with my family and friends doing things I enjoy
  • Take better care of myself and eat healthier and start working out again
  • Spend more time on my Blog and YouTube Channel

I have made these my aims or goals for 2019 rather than naming then New years Resolutions as I feel that New Years Resolutions are a bit of a fad and these changes are things I want to implement permanently in to my life going forward.
I will hopefully still be doing my good old fashioned rambling reviews but I will also be focusing more on beauty as well.
I hope you enjoy the newer content and i’m hoping it will encourage different people to read my blog.

What are your 2019 goals?

As always.. and this will never change.. Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!

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Hey Hey guys.

As part of the changes I am making to my blog I will be doing regular promotion posts for Revolution Beauty to show you the new product releases and letting you know of any discounts that will be available.

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Until Next time 

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True To YOu


Changes to the blog!… Exciting times!

Hey Guys…

This is just a quick update for new things coming on the blog!. I will still be doing reviews, Blog Tours and Cover Reveals, however, I want to do more beauty related posts. 

I have been MIA for a while and only posting sporadically but there will also be a change to my posting schedule. 

I qualified as a Makeup Artist in November and I want to get my work out there a bit more so will be using my blog and social platforms more to promote myself.  I also have a Youtube channel where I do a lot of beauty related content and Subscription box unboxings so will be putting out reviews on my monthly boxes as well. 

I am excited to share with you that I am also part of a Team working with an amazing new Indie brand called Alia Collyns Cosmetics that has just launched on 16th June!! I am so excited for this opportunity and I will be sharing our journey with you along with all the product launches and exciting changes that will be coming!! So keep your Eyes Peeled.

bronze eye

I am hoping that this will allow me to grow and share more of the different things I love. 

If you would like to see any specific beauty posts please let me know.

As always, Be Kind Be Happy and Stay True to You!




Love Me Beauty & Phase Zero.. What happened??

For those of you who don’t know, Love Me Beauty used to be a monthly subscription service. The monthly amount that you paid entitled you to 60 credits to use in their monthly edit.If you wanted a rolling month on month subscription it was £13.95 including P&P ( I believe, correct me if I am wrong). I purchased the 6 monthly subscription so I only paid £11.95. On 1st of each month your money was taken and on 2nd of each month they released the new edit. The products ranged from low credit items at 5 or 10 credits per product, up to 120 credits for some of the higher end products. You also had the option to pay a little extra and buy extra credits to get more products or to get that high end product that always sold out fast. They had a limited amount of the more sought after products so you had to get in there first on 2nd of each month to get the better stuff.
I joined in February 2017 and I was very happy with my subscription. We the received am email at the beginning of the year letting all members know if this amazing revamp to Love Me Beauty. We were told that there would no longer be an edit, and that Love Me Beauty were moving in to the world of makeup. The brand they were introduction was called Phase Zero and it was supposed to be a brand that would change my makeup game forever.
If you were an existing member, you would still have your regular payment deducted each month, however this would now be added to a wallet that you could use towards purchasing the new range of products at factory prices. Any new members as of February 2018 would have to sign up for a minimum of 3 months and pay £5 per month for access to the products. The first month they had decided to release all lip products.
Initially I was quite excited, I love makeup and to be able to purchase makeup at factory prices was every makeup lovers dream!!.. but it slowly went down hill for me.
In the first month the products were shipped late and the communication regarding the status of my order was poor. When the products were launched ( after being delayed) I placed my order and received the standard email stating my products would be delivered within 5-7 working days. My order arrived late, however as it was a new launch I kind of expected a few glitches to start with. When i finally received the products I have purchased I was very happy with them.

I cannot fault these products. both the lip glass and the matte liquid lip applied perfectly and were very comfortable to wear. The member price for each lip product was £3.50 ( RRP £12.00) and for the build your own palette I paid £4.80 ( RRP £10.80).

March rolls around and this month they released their eyeshadows. I had seen a few sneak peaks on their instagram and I was looking forward to receiving them. My first email , again was the standard one that stated my order would arrive within 5-7 working days. WE pass the 7th working day and I contacted Love Me Beauty. I was told that the items were pre-orders and would be shipped on or around 15th of the month. on March 19th I received an email stating my order would arrive within 3-5 working days and it finally arrived on 28th March.

I did not have 12 shadows to fit inside the palette but when i tried to line 4 of them in a row it was a very tight squeeze and the only just fit if I pushed them in tight. The palette was designed for those shadows to fit in so I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to get them to fit.
For me the eyeshadows were disappointing and this was the reason I cancelled my subscription. The pigmentation on the eyeshadows is actually pretty decent ( on some of them) , however the are very powdery. Velvet was the best from the ones I received and I do still use that shade regularly.
Another thing that put me off was the pricing of the products. Full price for a lip product was £12.00, eyeshadows were £5.80 and the new liquid eyeshadows are £12.50. This is for a new brand to market ( as far as I know) and personally I feel to come in with those prices is a bit steep, especially when well known brands such as Makeup Geek provide the same eye shadow pan size for £4.95 (unless you buy their foiled shadows). The pigmentation is second to none and they blend like a dream. You can buy them from Beauty Bay and have them delivered to your door next day. I can go in to Superdrug and buy an MUA Velvet Lip Laquer for £3.00 and they are amazing.
When it comes down to it we all want value for money and when I sat down and thought about it, for me, these products were just not worth the money. There are other brands out there that are more well known that provide similar products for the same price or lower and the quality of their products is just that bit better.
Now I have seen so many mixed reviews about these products and I just want to say that these opinions are my own and if you love these products then that’s fab. I just didn’t feel that it was worth the money for me personally. Please don’t heckle me if my opinion differs from yours.


I would like to know what you guys think?

Are you a fan? Do you Think you get value for money?

As always Be Kind Be Happy and Stay True to You and I will see you all very soon 🙂



July: latest In Beauty

*First things first, the oh so annoying disclaimer. This post is not sponsored and all opinions expressed in this post are my own. some links are affiliate links, which means I do get a small commission if you choose to make a purchase :)*

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way lets get on to the juicy stuff.

Hello my lovelies. Now that I am back in to the swing of things (mostly) I though I would start sharing my monthly beauty boxes and my faves and fails each month. Hopefully I will keep up to this and I can make it a regular thing as I am enjoying trying so many new products and would love to share this.

First off I just wanted to explain a bit about Latest in Beauty, just incase you don’t already know about it.

Latest in Beauty is a monthly subscription, where you select your own products each month from the range that is available on their website. You can choose between three different types of subscription.

Beauty Novice – 3 Products – £9 per month

Beauty Enthusiast – 6 Products – £15 per month

Beauty Guru – 9 Products – £18 per month.

You can opt to purchase the as a one off but it is slightly more expensive to do this.

Once you have made your choice you then select the 3,6, or 9 products you would like. As you can see this month I WENT IN on the masks with 4 out of the 9 products being some type of mask. Lately I am loving masks, they are doing wonders for my skin and I just love pampering myself once a week.

My products for this month were:


They do also have collections with pre-selected products that range from £20- £45. These are great value for money in my eyes and a fab extra little treat or alternative to the monthly subscription as a starter box.

The Products I received in my July Subscription were:

7th Heaven Sock masque

Yesto Cucumbers tissue face mask

Masque bar pore refining Cream face mask and the Green Tea sheet mask.

Kiko Velvet Touch Stick Blush in the shade Hot Pink

Caudalie Vino Perfect Brightening Essence

Burts Bees Natural Lip Gloss in Evening Glow

Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Facial Cream

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel

So far the only products I haven’t yet tried are the two Masque bar masks and the Caudalie Brightening essence.

I am really happy with everything I have tried so far, especially the masks. I will be looking to purchase more. I will be posting individual reviews on the products over the next few weeks. I will also be doing a faves and fails for the month of July.

If it proves popular I will be doing regular faves and fails blog posts. I am trying to post more regularly it is just a a bit difficult to get back in to it when I have been out of sorts for so long. I will be writing an update on everything that has been going on in the next few weeks as well.


As always I would love to hear your thoughts on what products you enjoy using, the faves and fails that you have come across.Come and get involved in a discussion..

As always Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You.



HIT or MISS for the High end products??

So lately I have been a bit of a bad blogger and I haven’t been posting much at all, however I have still been testing out new products, reading books , watching shows and films etc, so I will be writing up all my reviews and posting them over the next few weeks. I don’t know what has gotten in to me the past few months but I have been in a total funk.. I have wanted to blog and start vlogging but the motivation and energy just hasn’t been there, which sucks because I know I won’t grow unless I put the effort in.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you, my first impressions of some of what I would class as higher end products that I received from Love me Beauty and Latest in Beauty

I will link all the full sized products below in case you are interested, I will link UK and US sites where possible.



First up we have the Make up forever Ultra HD loose powder. As I said before mine was only a sample so I didn’t get a whole lot of product but it was enough to test out and see what I thought. It applied really well and it definitely set my makeup in place. My makeup lasted all day and looked flawless.

The full size tub retails for £24.50  on Escentual or $36.00 USD directly from the Makeup Forever website. In the full size tub you do only receive 8.5g of product, which I personally think is a very small amount considering the price point.



Personally, I wouldn’t go out and purchase this myself as I do think there are cheaper powders out there such as the RCMA no colour powder that do the job just as well.


Next up we have the Bare Minerals  BareSkin Serum foundation with SPF20. I got my sample in the colour 

Now this foundation did not agree with my skin at all on the first attempt. It applied very streaky, didn’t blend out properly and left my skin very patchy. I thought maybe it was the fact that I used Nanoblur underneath.  Nanoblur just did not agree with my skin at all so I decided to give the foundation a second try as I had enough left in the tub. 

Second time around I feel that it did apply a little bit better. I do still feel that it may be a bit too liquidy (not a real word) for me.  It looked a bit streaky and didn’t blend as well as my other foundations. I will say that when I did eventually blend it in it sat really nicely on my skin and is definitely buildable.

The Bareskin Serum Foundation retails for £27.00 in the Bare Minerals website and $29.50 on Sephora.



One thing I will say is that Bare Minerals have a 20 different shades to choose from, which I think is amazing because I see so many brands that only have 4/5 shades, which means you have to get two shades and mix them if you want to use that particular brand. Either that, or you walk around with a face that doesn’t match your neck ( which I see so often).

I feel that I may need to try this again with different primers underneath to see what works , if anything as it did work better the second time around. This may be one I have to work with a bit more.


Now, moving on to Nanoblur. As you can get this from Boots I wouldn’t really class this as high end but you do pay £19.99 for 30ml of product, which is pretty steep in my eyes. Although I guess it would depend on how much quickly you get through the product and how often you have to re-purchase it. It is supposed to give the skin a smoothing effect as if you are air brushed and sits under powder makeup or over the top of your base.

I was quite shocked to find that for the US you can only purchase it on and the price is ridiculously high at $42.70.



In my opinion it is not worth the price because it just didn’t work on me. If you can try before you buy I would higly recommend that as you don’t want to go spending that amount of money unless you know you like the product.  I tried it underneath and over the top of my makeup and it just left my skin feeling sticky .


Finally we have the Nude ProGenius face Treatment Oil. This is supposed absorb for deep hydration and to smooth the skin. 

Now , it is a good job I was sitting down whilst searching for the full size product because this beast comes in at a whopping £58.00 for 30ml.. Yes.. you read that right! I couldn’t find anywhere where you could buy this in the US but on Sephora you can get other NUDE Skincare products and they currently range from $54.60 (reduced from $78.00) to $61.60 (reduced from $88.00). I don’t know if the Sephora prices are a permanent price or if it is just a sale.



For me, again, this one was a bit of a fail. I do get really dry skin on my chin and cheeks so they are the only places I put it as I get a very oil T-zone and I don’t need more oil on there but I just found that it didn’t sink in to my skin all that well. It kind of sat on the top for a while and made my skin feel a bit greasy. It left a bit of a greasy residue over the top of my skin. I have never used a face oil before so this is a trial and error situation for me. Maybe Oils in general are not suitable for me or maybe it is just this one. I won’t know unless I try more products but for now this is a no go for me.

I do also feel that the price point for this is epic! and if I do a little bit more research I could probably find a drugstore or lower end product that would give the same results they claim to provide.

Disclaimer: I hate having to put this but I have to say this is not a sponsored post. I bought the subscription boxes these came in and my opinions are my own. I also wanted to say I am not throwing shade at these brands. I am just stating my honest opinions and letting you know how they worked for me and on my skin. 


If you enjoyed this review please let me know .. 

Leave a comment down below with your favourite skincare and makeup products

As always Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You



I Put Charcoal On My Teeth???

 I love trying out new products .. especially if it can help improve my health in some way.

Teeth whitening is the in thing at the moment. There are so many different companies out there offering different ways to whiten your teeth without the huge expense but there is always the worry that these cheaper alternatives can potentially cause more damage than good.

We have all seen the Hi Smile system that uses gel and a mouth guard type device to whitening your teeth but all of a sudden along came activated charcoal.

If you have ever watched Bear Grylls or survivor programs you know that they use dirt to clean their teeth… I just think of it as a more sanitary version of that haha.. maybe i am totally wrong in doing that but hey ho..

When Procoal agreed to send me their product in exchange for an honest review I thought why not??


The tub is small but do not be fooled.. a little goes a very very long way. 

Before you receive the product you will be sent an email with a step by step guide on how to use it but as we are already here I thought I would give you a little run down of how I use it and a few tips and what to do and what not to do with the product!!

TIP 1: Buy yourself a separate toothbrush to the one you normally use.

TIP 2: Make sure you only use a small amount of the activated charcoal.. as I said a little goes a long way.

TIP 3: It can get messy so make sure you have a clear space, preferably do it over the sink.

TIP 4: Don’t clean the bathroom until after using the product.. Now this tip may seem like common sense but I had a cleaning frenzy one day, my rooms were pristine!.. so what did I do… I decided to use Procoal and get a black mess everywhere.

STEP 1: Brush your teeth as normal

STEP 2: Wet your toothbrush (the new one) and lightly dab it in to the activated charcoal! REMEMBER: not too much.


STEP 3: Brush the activated charcoal in starting from the back. 

Word of warning it does have a funny texture and it can take some getting used to.

STEP 4: Wash your mouth out thoroughly making sure to get in between the teeth. 

And there we have it! So Fresh and So Clean Clean!!… I started to see results more or less straight away.

On the chart I am sad to say I started on a 5/6  but after 3 days of using Procoal I was down to a 3/4.  One tub lasts quite a while and at the moment there is an offer on the website buy 2 for just £15.99 if you use the code “BUY2“.

Procoal definitely gets the creative stamp of approval!! 


**Disclaimer: The product was provided in exchange for an honest review.**

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You!



REVIEW: Color Club Nail Polish


Now don’t get me wrong I do love my Barry M nail varnish but I have found that it doesn’t work so well in false nails . It always needs more than one coat, it doesn’t really paint on well and it always looks.. ridgy.

I have been looking at online tutorials etc for so good nail polish that will work well on acrylic nails as I am not a massive fan of using gel polish all the time just due to the fact it takes forever to remove.

I watch a lot of nail art tutorials of a you tuber called Cristine. Her channel is SimplyNailogical. I love watch her videos and getting ideas from her. They are really funny to watch you should all definitely check her out. As she is from Canada some of the products she uses are not available here in the UK but she does use an of F.U.N Lacquer and some Color Club so for my birthday I asked for some gorgeous Color Club HOLO Nail Polish…and….. IT IS AMAZING!!


My sister bought Color ClubEternal Beauty” and it applies in one thick beautiful coat and its so pretty! I cannot wait to get more. At £9 per bottle for the Holo polish it is not cheap but I would definitely recommend it for acrylic and natural nails. (ignore the fact that the acrylics are not that great I did them myself and I am just learning).

Color Club is a 5 out of 5 for me.. I will definitely be purchasing more Holo polish from them and no doubt many others.

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good


What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

Do you prefer Gel or polish?

Would love to hear some recommendations as i need to expand my collection