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FILM REVIEW: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I do really enjoy a good Sci-Fi, action film but i have never really gravitated towards the big films like Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of The Rings. Not sure why, because they did look like they would be good films to watch but i just steered more towards Marvel and DC films. Until last week when my other half asked if I wanted to watch one of the more recent Star Wars films. We have quite similar tastes when it comes to this type of thing so I decided that after avoiding it for so long I would see what all the fuss was about.



For those of you who don’t already know, The Force Awakens begins thirty years after the Galactic Civil War. Luke Skywalker has disappeared and The First Order is trying to piece together the map that leads to where he is. In hindsight, this maybe wasn’t the best one to start with as a Star Wars Newbie, because I was constantly asking my other half questions about what happened. So I will be going back and watching the other films so I can better understand what went on. 

A resistance pilot called Poe( Oscar Issac) is living on a planet called Jakku and is given a piece of the map that leads to Luke. Shortly after he received this , Stormtroopers, lead by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) destroy the village and it’s people and take Poe. Before he is taken he gives his section of the map to BB-8 and tells him to run ( or roll away) so the First Order do not get hold of it. During the attack, one of the Stormtroppers’ (FN-2187) sees  a comrade die and has a change of heart about who he was loyal to and whether he should be fighting for the first order. 

FN-2187 (Poe names him Finn) frees Poe so he can find BB-8 and get his part of the map to the resistance base and they escape in a TIE fighter, however, it crashes in t0 the desert and Poe is assumed to be dead. Finn survives and tries to find BB-8 so he can finish what Poe Started. He finds BB-8, who is now in the care of a scrapper called Rey (Daisy Ridley) . When these two meet the action only intensifies… 


Okay so this bit is a bit difficult for me. I haven’t seen the previous films and I feel that you would have got a feel for characters like Poe, Princess Leia, Hans Solo and Kylo Ren in previous films so I don’t feel I can comment on character development with regards to these.

As much as I like Finn and Rey as characters you don’t get to find out a lot about them and for me that is a big part of what attracts me to a film. Don’t get me wrong I love CGI and Special effects and all the action but I also like to be able to connect with the characters. 

I definitely felt sorry for both Finn and Rey and willed them to do well, I just feel like there was something missing in the writing that allows the audience to connect a bit better with the characters.

star wars force

final thoughts

Overall I think it was a good film. If you have read any of my other reviews you know I am a huge fan of fantasy, Sci-Fi, CGI and special effects, especially when done well and in that respect Star Wars did not disappoint. I just feel that something was lacking for me. I don’t get excited about watching it again, so for me it is a 3 out of 5.


As always, Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You and until net time.

Have a fab week!




MOVIE REVIEW: Thor: Ragnarok

We are back after a long break (long story , which I will go in to at another time) with a review of another Epic Marvel Creation.
We have got used to Marvel and DC Movies and we all know that they have not all been the hits we hoped they would be. It is so easy to go so wrong with these films and casting the right people for the part is a HUGE part of getting it right!
I probably watched this in the wrong order but this was the first Thor film I had seen and I was excited to see if Marvel Studios had pulled it out of the bag! I am always nervous about watching any marvel or DC Film, but I had read reviews for Thor and Thor: Dark World I was sure that this would also be a hit.
I can honestly say I LOVED IT! Not only were the special effects outstanding but the banter between the characters and the quirky personalities of each character also made it really funny.
Ragnarok is the third Thor film and it starts with Thor, in a cage, talking to a skeleton.. Yes.. Strange I know! He has been imprisoned by the fire Demon Surtur, who reveals that Odin is no longer on Asgard and that the realm will be destroyed by Ragnarok once he has access to the Eternal Flame that is locked away in Odin’s vault.
Thor travels back to Asgard to find that his brother Loki (who he thought was dead) was ruling Asgard disguised as Odin and he has left his father stranded on Earth in a Mental Institution. 

The story really begins when Thor drags Loki to Earth to bring his father back to Asgard. Odin tells the brothers that they have a sister, and now that his life is coming to an end Hela, Goddess of Death is coming for the throne… Dun Dun Duuuuuuun….

As for characters where do I start? The Marvel films are quickly becoming some of my favourite films and a huge part of this is down to the characters and how well they are played. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are back as Thor and Loki! Anthony Hopkins is back as Odin. If that wasn’t enough Mark Ruffalo is back as The Hulk. I don’t know why but I feel that Ruffalo’s acting ability is not fully appreciated. He can play Bruce Banner , the logical, eratic, timid genius and then he transforms in to the complete opposite when he transforms in to the Hulk. The thing that I admire about him is that although The Hulk is a big green monster, in some scenes, you can still see hints of Bruce Banner in there and I just love The Hulks personality! 

Idris Elba is also back again as Heimdall, the all-seeing , all-hearing Asgardian. He plays more of a part in this film, which I am all for!! Three Great British male actors in one film!! Makes me proud to be a Brit.

eNow, the fab cast doesn’t stop there. WE have some new additions to the cast starting with Hela, played by Cate Blanchett. The Goddess of Death arrives in a cloud of black and doesn’t disappoint. She has a fierce look and the attitude to go with it!! I know she is a villain but I can help but like her. Benedict Cumberbath makes an appearance as Doctor Strange.

Tessa Thompson is one of the good guys. She plays Scrapper 142, a Sassy former Asgardian Valkyrie who is trying to forget her past by drinking ,her days away on planet Sakaar working for The Grandmaster who rules the planet. Speaking of The Grandmaster. Jeff Goldblum plays the manipulative ruler of Sakaar. He is a great addition to the cast and definitely brings a light hearted aspect to the film. 

My favourite new character is Korg, a semi humanoid Alien  played by Director Taika Waikiti. I would probably go as far as to say he is my favourite character of the film. If you have seen it then you should know why!!! He is funny without even trying to be and me and my partner find ourselves laughing out loud at him. 

final thoughts.jpg

I can’t help but love this film! I was not let down my the storyline, acting or special effects. 10’s 10’s 10’s across the board ( if you get that reference comment below where it is from). I would recommend this film to any action film buffs, Marvel lovers and just anybody that loves a bit of light entertainment with some fighting thrown in.



Let me know what you guys think. What other Action films would you recommend.

Until next time. Be Kind Be Happy and Stay True to You!





FILM REVIEW: iBoy – OMG Netflix have done it again..



Once again Netflix notified me that there was a film that was recommended for me based on what I have watched before. I had not seen the trailer for this film or even heard anything about it so I was like  “What the hell.. Why not? let’s see what this is all about”

I have said it before and I will say it again.. my relationship with British Sitcoms isn’t great and to be honest I tend to avoid British films unless they Hype makes me watch it because there is just something about the acting in most of the things I watch that seems forced and unrealistic. So when I realised that this was a film based in London I did not have high expectations.


I decided, once it had popped up on my list, not to watch the trailer. Just because I feel sometimes they give too much away. Either that or they have all the best parts in them and it feels like it was pointless watching the actual film.

As you can see from the trailer the film is about a young boy named Tom (Bill Milner) who walks in on his friend being raped Lucy ( Masie Williams)by some thugs who had just beaten up her brother. He runs away in shock and is shot in the process whilst trying to call for help. He wakes up with debris from the phone lodged in his brain and this is where the fun techy, totally unrealistic but really cool stuff starts to happen.


Maisie is more well known for her role as the amazing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. I love her character in the series so I was interested to see what she brought to this role (once I realised she was in it)  as it is quite a bit different to the character we normally see her play. I have never seen Bill in any films before so was not sure what I would think about him in this film.  

I have to say that i absolutely loved it. From the characters, to the soundtrack. It all blended  and fit together so well. The one thing I loved is that IT WAS NOT OVER ACTED!!!.. something so simple can ruin a whole film.. It is about London gangs and it would have been so easy for the bad boys to over play the role and just make it seem cheesy. You know what I mean though right?? They all come out with this rough broad cockney accent.. Like everyone from London sounds like they smoke fifty cigs a day and looks like they have been stung in the mouth by a wasp. 

I think each character played their parts perfectly. Lucy and Tom, the main characters worked well together. He was a little bit shy and nerdy . She was popular but she was not up her own backside. After what happened to her he went to see her, tried to look out for her and ultimately wanted to find out who did this awful thing to her.

I really like how it was obvious what they did to her but the word rape didn’t even have to be mentioned. We just knew that is what they had done. I think it is mentioned later on but with it being such a sensitive subject, again could have gone so wrong but Maisie , being the great actress she is just played it perfectly. 

It isn’t one of those films with over the top special effects and loads of futuristic techy gear but it is a really well acted, well produced film and everything just works. Each person plays their part until the jigsaw Puzzle is finally complete and you step back and seek the full picture in all its glory.

For me iBoy gets 5 out of 5 





Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You






FILM REVIEW: Zootopia or Zootropolis.. whatever you call it..


You should all know by now that I love a good old chiller night with the laptop, scrolling through films and TV shows to watch (mostly Netflix). If you have read any of my other reviews you will also know that I do love Animated movies. So it should be no surprise that I decided to watch one of the more recent animated films from Disney.

One thing that annoyed me ( unrelated to the actual content of the film) is the fact that the name of the film was changed when it was brought to the UK.  I was so confused at one point because I was looking for what we call Zootropolis online and couldn’t find it anywhere and then I came across Zootopia.. I was thinking maybe it was the sequel or something and decided to google it.  It turns out that the name was apparently changed to be more appealing to a UK audience …..

I mean I don’t know about you other Brits out there but I kinda think Zootopia has a better ring to it and I would love to know where these people got their data from that would make them think that it would be more appealing with a changed name.. The funny thing is that it isn’t even that different, so changing the title and having to spend time and money changing the word Zootopia to Zootropolis every time it was mentioned during the film  ( which no doubt took an age) was an absolute waste!!

Anywhooooo.. lets get cracking with this review shall we..


Just in case you hadn’t figured it out from the title…the trailer…the characters on the posters in the cinema ( when it was showing) and the DVD cover, this film is all about.. wait for it… ANIMALS. 

Judy Hopps is an optimistic bunny who has always dreamed of being a cop. Her parents tried to make her settle for being a carrot farmer but in a world full of anthropomorphic mammals, where predators and prey coexist she sees no reason why she cannot be a police officer. Those roles, however were mostly taken by larger animals, which meant that Judy was made fun of for wanting to be a police officer. 

After completing the training she becomes a police office and gets to work in Zootopia. Judy thinks that because she has, not only passed the training, but finished top of her class she will be taken seriously as an officer of the law not just a tiny bunny. This, unfortunately is not the case and she is put on duty as a Meter Maid while all of her colleagues get the best assignments.

After being hustled by a fox con artist by the name of Nick Wilde, Judy has him on her radar and she is set on catching him out, however when she is reluctantly given a case by her boss to find a missing otter, Emmitt Otterton she needs Nick’s help.

After she blackmails Nick in to helping her they end up on a roller coaster of a journey. Can a fox and a rabbit really end up being friends?

Even Disney knows how much we love selfies!!!!.




I am a sucker for animated films. Big Hero 6,   The Rise of The Guardians and so many more.. I have to say that this is up there with them. 

First of all.. I may be totally showing my natural hair colour here but I was not aware that Otters were classes as predators.. YES.. you react that correctly.. OTTERS!! .. Please tell me I am not the only one shocked by this information? *holds her breath waiting for an answer*

Once again Disney just nail it. An animated film that appeals to the young as well as the old. The innuendos and subtle jokes that us adults understand but children wont!! I love how they work things like that in. They have created funny and endearing characters.


Say……….HI…………….to……………………………Speedy!!! Now this was one of my favourite scenes. I am not American but from the amount of American Sitcoms and films I have watched I can totally appreciate this scene!!!

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Judy Hopps and the hilarious Jason Bateman plays Nick. I couldn’t have picked the cast better myself. Ginnifer, for me is more ewll known for playing Snow White in Once Upon a Time but she has one of those voices and attitudes that totally fits the character of a determined little bunny out to right the world… if that makes sense haha… Idris ElbaIdris Elba plays Chief Bogo and we even get to enjoy the vocal stylings of Shakira who plays Gazelle.

All in all it was a really good film. I would watch it again but for me it was a 4 out of 5. The only reason i have given it a 4 is because it didn’t get me excited.. not like some other things i’ve seen.



So that was my review.. 

Please note tha all opinions are my own and I was in no way sponsered to write this review

Congrats if you have kept reading until the end.. so I know you have actually read this review please comment with the word “Rabbit” if you liked the film “fox” if you didn’t and “buffalo” if you haven’t watched it yet.

Be Kind, Be Happy and Stay True to You.

Peace and Love




FILM REVIEW: The Revenant



**Disclaimer.. This post does contain an affiliate link at the bottom so if you do decided to go ahead and purchase this film I get a little commission ***

So if you have read any of my previous reviews you will be aware that this is not the kind of thing I watch.. I have only done a few reviews but I think it is quite obvious what kind of things I like to watch. So when I was at my parent’s house over Christmas and we sat down to watch a film and the chose this, I was jumping with excitement. I had heard reviews about the film and praises for DiCaprio’s acting, which I had no doubt would be amazing but it just isn’t my type of film…

OOOOOH how wrong I was people.. Yes.. you read that correctly.. I.. admit.. I … Was Wrong…


 The Revnant follows the story of Frontiersman Hugh Glass(DiCaprio), who was attacked by a bear and left for dead in 1823 whilst he and his so Hawk are acting as guides for a group of Trappers. Hawk(Forrest Goodluck) is half Pawnee and some of the men take a disliking to him, especially Fitzgerald (Hardy), a hard faced arrogant man who hates being told what to do.

Despite the disgusting attitude the men have towards his son Hugh helps the group escape from an attack on their camp when Arikara attack them.  Once they escape on a boat Glass recommends that the stash the pelts that they had been able to save and head to the Trading post by foot. 

After they dock, stash the pelts and hide the boat Glass goes out to walking on his own and is mauled by a bear. He survives but is badly wounded. After trekking for a while carrying him Fitzgerald feels that they should mercy-kill Glass to allow them to get to the trading post quicker. Henry(Domhall Gleeson) the group leader agrees but cannot go through with it so offers to pay someone to stay back with Glass until he passes and give him the burial he deserves. Hawk and Jim Bridger (Poulter) agree to stay behind. Fitzgerald decides to stay because he needs the money he lost from the pelts that were taken when they were attacked. 

A few days pass and Fitzgerald gets impatient and tries to smother Glass as he isn’t getting any better… and that is all I will say about that.  It is so hard to provide enough information that you want to watch it but not too much that I end up spoiling it!!!

Things go down.. Glass doesn’t die but sets out on getting his revenge on Fitzgerald for leaving him alone and injured to die in the cold… AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS!!.. Yes it really gets going at this point.


There is a great cast of characters and they all play their role perfectly but I have to say DiCaprio’s performance was outstanding. I have actually not seen many of his films but I have always rated him as an actor. This film goes to show just how good he is. He deserves the recognition he got for this role and the Oscar that he finally received after years of being nominated. 


When it started I was a bit like ” what even is this?” .. ” am I going to be bored”.. but within a couple of minutes the action started.  

I actually couldn’t believe it when I found out parts of the story were actually true. There are theories about which parts were and which weren’t but one thing they all agree on is that Hugh Glass was mauled by a bear and lived.. I mean come on.. this was 1823!?? and he lived!! He was one determined man. Never gave up fighting and I loved every minuted of it.

I do have to warn you though.. anyone that has a sensitive stomach you do NOT.. I will repeat this.. DO NOT.. want to watch the bear scene. I can watch a lot of things but that scene was absolutely brutal. I was partly amazed at how they even created the scene to make it look so real and part of me wanted to cry, scream and look away because I could actually imagine the pain! Me and my mum were doing that thing you do when you watch scary films. half looking away but peeking through your fingers haha. 

I am so glad I watched this it was a very pleasant surprise for the most part haha.. just that bear scene.. Watch it and trust me you will fee what I felt. 

Please let me know in the comments below if you have seen it and what you thought because I want to know what other peoples reactions were to this film.

Once again we cannot finish a review without praising the directors and production team. Cinematography, visual effects, location, costuming, everything pulled together to make an epic film.

5 out of 5 from this Creative Misfit 


That is it from me for today. Signing off to get some shut eye ( not posted when written haha) 

As always people Be Kind, Be Happy, and Stay True to You.

Keep on Keeping on.






FILM TRAILER AND REVIEW: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 


**Disclaimer.. This post does contain an affiliate link at the bottom so if you do decided to go ahead and purchase this film I get a little commission ***

WARNING: Watch at your own peril.. you will not be able to resist the urge to watch the film once you see this 

Today must have been the third…No…fourth time I have watched this and I just think it is a great film. Then again I have not come across a film yet that I do not like with Chris Pine in or THE LEGEND Kevin Costner.. I mean come on… tell me I am not alone here??


Okay after Jack Ryan (pine) see the 9/11 attacks whilst studying in London he decides to join the marines. Whilst on a mission his plane is shot down, he is left with a serious back injury and has to learn to walk again. Whilst in rehab he meets Cathy (Keira Knightley) and catches the eye of CIA official Thomas Carter (Costner) who asks him to join his team to prevent anything like 9/11 happening again. Carter tells Jack that he wants to help him finish his PHD in Economics order to do this.

It then skips to ten years later where Jack is working covertly for the CIA on Wall Street looking for any suspicious financial transactions that could indicate terrorist activity. He comes across some odd looking transactions that occur when the Russian Federation lose a key vote before the United Nations. The market doesn’t react the way Jack expects it too and he notices that large sums of money held by Russian organisations disappear. One of these  funds controlled by Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh). Jack is told by Carter that he needs to convince his boss to let him go to Russia to do an audit on Cherevin’s accounts. He goes home to tell his now girlfriend Cathy that he needs to go to Moscow and will be back in a few days. Earlier in the day she finds a ticket stub in his trouser pocket for a movie and this plants the seed that he is cheating, which he denies but he cannot tell her the truth about what he does. ( Oh the struggles).

When Jack lands in Russia the fun Begins….

my thoughts.png

What I love about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit…

The lead roles are played well. The right actors were definitely picked and the chemistry between them is there. Although there is not a huge amount of action and special effects in this film ( which isn’t a bad thing) the action scenes are very good. I don’t care how much of a good actor you are , if the production isn’t right the scene looks like a hot mess. 

The story line flowed well and the film ended on a cheesey but good note. People may think I am boring but I am a sucker for a cheesey ending. I do like the odd twist but you cant beat a classic ending.

My favourite quote from the whole film is during a  phone conversation between Jack and Cathy where Jack says ” I love you desperately you know that don’t you?.. Don’t lose faith in me”. So soppy but so sweet. 

What I wasn’t so fond of..

Now before i state what it is I just want to stress that this is nothing to do with this persons acting skills because they are great at what they do, however Keira’s American accent just threw me off a bit. Maybe it is because I am so used to seeing her in films as a Brit but I just felt that I could her accent coming through in certain words and  for me I would have preferred it if she had just stayed with the British accent.

All in all I love this film and would definitely watch it again..and again 5 out of 5 for me 



Let me know what you guys think in the comments below 

If you want your copy of this awesome film just click the link below

As always my lovely readers. Stay true to yourselves, be kind and most of all be happy.



FILM REVIEW: The Last Witch Hunter


**Disclaimer.. This post does contain an affiliate link at the bottom so if you do decided to go ahead and purchase this film I get a little commission ***


So.. I posted a trailer of this film a few days ago. I hadn’t heard of it before and I think the reason for this is because it received such a poor rating at the box office and only grossed $140 million from a $90 million project. I love Vin Diesel as an actor. I can’t think of a film that he has been in that I didn’t like so I was really looking forward to watching it…

…and I was not disappointed.

The story is based around a loner called Kaulder (Vin Diesel). It starts with an action packed flash back to where it all began. Kaulder’s wife and child were killed by the Dark Witch, who had created the Black Plague to wipe out all humanity. He tracked her down and killed her but as she was dying she cursed him with eternal life.

Flash forward to the present day and Kaulder is working for an organisation that has been assigned to keep the truce between witches and humans. It is Kaulder’s job to track down any witch who breaks these new laws and either kill them or imprison them depending on what punishment is deemed fit.

Kaulder is aided by a priest called Dolan (Michael Caine). He is the 36th Dolan who has been assigned to help Kaulder on his mission to uphold the law.  After the 36th Dolan retires  Kaulder is assigned a new Dolan (Elijah Wood) and things go downhill when they find that the 36th Dolan has been killed by a witch. It is down to Kaulder and the new Dolan to find out who did it and bring them to justice. 

On his journey he meets a feisty young witch called Chloe (Rose Leslie) who decides to help him… and the mayhem begins.


I really enjoyed The Last Witch Hunter for a number of reasons.

  1. It is a Dark fantasy.. and who doesn’t love dark fantasy??
  2. Vin Diesel AND Michael Caine. enough said
  3. The character selection for this film is on point. 
  4. The Special effects are great.. the witch is creepy as heel but I love it.
  5. The storyline flows and makes sense. There is nothing worse than a disjointed, overworked storyline.

The relationship between the 36th Dolan and Kaulder is quite sweet. Although Kaulder is older than dolan , he does act like a father figure, which did make me chuckle.

I like the fact that there does seem to be some chemistry between Chloe and Kaulder and it does keep you thinking, will they kiss or won’t they.. I won’t tell you if they do or not as it will spoil it.

I am not a huge fan of the 37th Dolan and to be honest I am not 100% sure why he was needed but Wood played the character well.

All in all I would give The Last Witch Hunter 4 out of 5

cartoonfilm cartoonfilmcartoonfilmcartoonfilm


Please let me know what you think if you have watched it.. Do you agree or disagree?

If you would like to buy this you can get it from Amazon by clicking the link below

The Last Witch Hunter [DVD] [2015]



FILM REVIEW: True Memoirs of an International Assasin

He’s not really an Assassin….but don’t tell the CIA that…

After his crazy new publisher markets his Crime Fiction Novel as memoirs Sam’s life totally changes. He goes from living a lonely life of an office worker to being involved in a political plot in Venezuela.

Sam Larson (Kevin James) is a quite mild mannered man who wants to be an author. He has spent all his time researching details for his crime Novel. With the help of his friend Amos (Ron Rifkin)who is a former soldier he finds out the ins and outs of covert ops. Sam is struggling to finish his book so goes to see Amos for advice. Amos tells him the story of “The Ghost” but tells him not to put the name in the book…. Guess what happens next… You guessed it. His final line in his book is “call me The Ghost”

Once the book is finished Sam sends off copies to different publishers who keep rejecting him. One night he gets a call from a publisher called Kylie, who wants to sell his book online. She tells him that she hasn’t  changed a word of the book and she loves it, however the day after Sam looks for the book online to find that Kylie had added the word”True” to the title and advertised it as non-fiction.

As he gets caught up in a political war in Venezuela between the president, a drug Lord and a local freedom fighter he is saved from being killed by Rosa Bolivar (Zulay Henao). The chemistry between the two is awkward at best and the cheesy nick names and trying to be funny just made it difficult to watch at times.

The story line is…well… a bit too out there for me. I love a good action movie with crazy storylines but they are only good because they work. They take you to a place where you think..WOW! I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that Sam would be mistaken for an International Assassin.. The characters didn’t fit the storyline.


Netflix have thrown up their fair share of Original films and shows that I have really enjoyed watching regardless of how cheesy they were, however this was not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong James is funny, and I do think he is great in King of Queens, Mall Cop and Grown ups but I feel True Memoirs of an International Assassin was a big step back for him.

Sorry but for me this was a 2 out of 5.. and that is because I do actually like Kevin James




What do you guys think? Have you seen it?

Did you enjoy it and why ?



REVIEW: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

“You have a notification from Netflix.. Based on what you watch we recommend Angus, Things and Perfect Snogging.”

I was in the mood to watch an easy going film ( which i seem to be doing a lot of recently) So I decided to watch this British Comedy after a week of notifications every time I logged in.


The film is based on the books by Louise Rennison and follows a young girl called Georgia (Georgia Groom) who is 14 years old with lot of negativity in her life. She doesn’t really like her family. She is embarrassed by her parents. She doesn’t like how she Looks. She is not one of the “cool kids” and she doesn’t have a boyfriend, which in her eyes is the end of the world. ( typical teenager really haha). Georgia has three best friends Jas(Eleanor Tomlinson), Ellen (Manjeeven Gerwal) and Rosie (Georgia Henshaw)who are just as nerdy as she is but try to fit in more.

At a fancy dress party (see above)  Georgia and her friends decided to be original and go as appetisers but all her friends back out and when she turns up to the party she is laughed at and tormented by everyone including the mean girl “slaggy” Lindsay (Kimberley Nolan).

On their first day back at school two new boys start at the school. The two brothers Robbie (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Tom. The girls immediately take a liking to them and start following them around town trying to find out more about them. Jas and Georgia take a particular liking to them. Georgia is desperate to win over Robbie and drags Jas in to crazy schemes to get him to notice her.


I have to say that this was a disappointment. I know it is a teen movie, which is why I am not being too harsh but the acting was pretty bad. I have seen Taylor-Johnson in recent films and I can say he has got better with age but at times the acting in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was cringeworthy.

The scene where Georgia goes to a “Snogging Experts” house to learn how to kiss properly is probably one of, if not the most cringey scene I have watched in a film in a very long time.

To give it some credit, there were some funny moments in there and the general storyline was good. The ending is what you would expect of a typical Rom Com but that is why I enjoy watching them :).

All in all I am sorry to say I probably would not recommend this film. 2 out of 5 for me.

woody woodpecker goodwoody woodpecker good


What are your thoughts?

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