Pandemic update: The rules change again!

Well I didn’t expect this to be my first post back after my extended break but here we are. Just as we thought everything was starting to get back to some kind of normality we are hit with another set of restrictions. Friday 31st July, I was looking forward to finally getting to see myContinue reading “Pandemic update: The rules change again!”

Charlotte Tibury.. cruelty Free Secret?

So here we are in 2020. There seems to be more consumers than ever becoming more conscious about using cruelty free products. In the past few years I have seen so many influencers and friends move forward and make more of a conscious effort to purchase cruelty free products. So you can imagine my shockContinue reading “Charlotte Tibury.. cruelty Free Secret?”

Today is the day….

Wow.. So… The last time I travelled any kind of distance by myself was in 2017 when I went to London for BlogCon. Since then I have lived as a hermit (standard for me) very rarely left. The house for anything other than going to work, seeing my best friend twice a week and goingContinue reading “Today is the day….”