MUSIC: Sucker For Pain and Twenty one Pilots

I love so many different genres of music. For me its how the music makes me feel and this song is one I just love to listen to when I am in one of those moods where I just want to jam. I can’t help but pull that “grime” face and get all dramatic withContinue reading “MUSIC: Sucker For Pain and Twenty one Pilots”

MUSIC:The New and Improved James Arthur…

I have always been a fan of James Arthur. I watched his journey through the Xfactor with my family but it was obvious that he had some demons that he had not dealt with. When he went off the scene in though that maybe this was another Xfactor artist that would just fade in toContinue reading “MUSIC:The New and Improved James Arthur…”

MUSIC REVIEW: scars to your beautiful 

I have a very eclectic taste in music.. I love everything from dance, to pop, to rock to country.. For me its all about the feel I get from the song.. I love to sing so it is also a great release for me. Whether it’s to dance around my apartment and sing along toContinue reading “MUSIC REVIEW: scars to your beautiful¬†“