Review Policy and Ratings

Review Policy

All my reviews are my honest opinion, and will not include spoilers.

When writing reviews I an very open and honest about what I think. I will start with a brief overview and then I’ll go into further detail about my thoughts if needed.

I aim to upload at least one review every week. All of my reviews are posted first on here, but then are shared on Goodreads, Bloglovin’ and Amazon.A link will be shared on my Twitter page too, as well as a photo on Instagram.

Review Requests:

If you send me something to review, I will prioritize them, however if I have a few things to review it may be a few weeks before I upload a review. I will only request products that I have a genuine interest in.

The only books I would not consider reading are in the Faith genre.

Films – I do not enjoy traditional war films, therefore this genre will not be reviewed here.

Music – I have an eclectic taste in music. The only music I would not generally listen to is goth/heavy metal.



I have decided to change things a little bit going forward as of December 2016. Just to bring something a bit different to my blog.

I have  same system for all reviews, however I have changed the image to reflect the thing I am reviewing.

Rating scores (Films, music, shows, books)

1 – Would not recommend.

2 – Was not unbearable but I got through it.

3  – It was average, nothing too exciting but a good, easy read/listening/watch.

4 – I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t necessarily read/watch/listen to it again.

5 – I loved it. Would recommend it and would read/watch/listen to again.



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