About Lisa Does Life

My Story

My name is Lisa and I am a Yorkshire lass born and bred.

The Beginning of my story

My blog was created as an outlet when I was struggling with my mental health back in 2016 and I was really enjoying it. I was in my own lane posting reviews and life updates.

I wrote my first ever poem and posted it on here, which was so scary but also very freeing at the time as it was something very personal that I shared. This blog was supposed to be a  place for people to come and read random ramblings of a Yorkshire lass, however, the excitement and joy I got from posting faded. 

The Journey continues..

In 2017 I finished my Level 3 in Makeup Artistry and became a qualified Makeup Artist. Makeup is something I wanted to persue career but unfortunately being Plus size, I encountered some very judgemental people that made me feel less than. Because of this questions started arise as to whether there was any point in pursuing it as I was already struggling quite badly with my mental health and this made me feel worse.

Hours would be spent scrolling through social media comparing looks to other makeup artists. I’d spend two to three hours doing a look and taking pictures. just wipe it off and never post it. My self esteem just dropped and my mental health declined.

The negative thoughts..

Constantly being told to “choose a niche and stick to it otherwise you won’t be successful” was getting me caused a lot of stress because I have a lot of different interests. Talking about all the different things I like was something that was making me happy.  I enjoy talking about beauty and makeup but I also like different types of films, books and music. For me, it is also important to be able to talk about mental health and have a platform that I can share my thoughts with people and spread awareness. 

The Break

As a result of  a build up of negative thoughts, I decided to take a break and I stopped posting makeup looks. The blog posts and Youtube channel uploads also came to a grinding halt. Feeling like a failure was weighing on me because I wasn’t growing as quickly as other people and i got in to the toxic mind frame of ” I am never going to do it, I am not good enough”. From there a very long time was spent trying to pull myself out of the darkness. 

The break lasted longer than expected and I tried to come back earlier, but soon realised I really wasn’t ready.

What to expect now?

After a very long break I have decided to revive the blog and want to get back to doing what I enjoy. Going forward, the focus is more on putting out things that bring me joy and hoping that people enjoy my content too.

I am here to enjoy myself and hopefully brighten up someone’s day along the way. I will be creating content on different interests and i’d love for you to come join me.

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