Today is the day….

Wow.. So… The last time I travelled any kind of distance by myself was in 2017 when I went to London for BlogCon. Since then I have lived as a hermit (standard for me) very rarely left. The house for anything other than going to work, seeing my best friend twice a week and goingContinue reading “Today is the day….”

Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Up To..?? Plans for 2018

Hey Guys, Welcome back to another blog post. Now I haven’t posted anything personal on here for a while. I have done a few reviews on books and products but I haven’t really been that active on social media in general for a few months. I have definitely noticed a lack of interaction and engagementContinue reading “Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Up To..?? Plans for 2018”

Lets Talk: Stand Up For Girls

Hey Hey my lovelies and welcome back to another collab. When I saw that The Children’s Society was looking for bloggers to share a post about this I could not wait to be involved. This is a subject that is so important to me and I think if we have a platform that we canContinue reading “Lets Talk: Stand Up For Girls”

Anxiety and Me..#livelifeready campaign

#LiveLifeReady When I saw that Spink was looking for bloggers to share their stories about dealing with anxiety I was more than happy to write a post about it. There is still so much stigma attached to mental illnesses and i do feel that it is important that we share our experiences and try ourContinue reading “Anxiety and Me..#livelifeready campaign”

And the ride continues….

7.45 ¬†Saturday morning my alarm goes off. For the first time in a while I am looking forward to getting on those scales. I have been ill so not eaten a lot some days but I know I have done well most of the week. I get on the scales…1lb on!! WTF!!!!!!! I was soContinue reading “And the ride continues….”

My Weight loss Journey.. 2 months in.

Okay so we are 2 months in to my journey and I decided that I would do another post.¬† I promised myself at the start of this that I would post the highs and the lows as time progressed because anybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is never just straightContinue reading “My Weight loss Journey.. 2 months in.”

COLLAB: Break the Stigma

So recently I have been talking a lot more about my mental health and how it has affected my life. I have shared my first ever free verse poem, in which i have attempted to provide a little insight in to what goes on in my mind on a daily basis and what demons IContinue reading “COLLAB: Break the Stigma”

December and 2016 Wrap Up

So this month has not been a very active month for me on the blogging front. I was hoping to get through a stack of books, breeze through a few film reviews and write another update on my weight loss journey, however that soon went out of the window when my full time job leftContinue reading “December and 2016 Wrap Up”

Beauty is not just on the outside..

Hey Guys.. so. I have just started up a YouTube Channel and have posted a few videos. A lot of YouTubers.. well people in general like they can only go on camera or out in the world with a face full of makeup. And whilst that definitely boosts confidence and I would never knock anyoneContinue reading “Beauty is not just on the outside..”

2 against 1….First ever Poem. Free verse…scary times

Okay guys this is a big thing for me. Recently I have found the inspiration, whilst blogging, to write more and this past few days I have been thinking about what to write. These words sprang to mind so I thought id share them… don’t be too harsh I am not an literary genius. IContinue reading “2 against 1….First ever Poem. Free verse…scary times”